Jesus is the Head of the Church and He appoints leaders and workers to carry out His work.

Stephen & Flora Mohan

Senior Pastor and Deacon

Stephen and Flora Mohan serve as our senior leaders at HighPointe LIFE. Stephen, as senior pastor, has been leading the church through casting its vision since it's formation, while Flora serves as a deacon in the HighPointe Council.

Stephen came to know Jesus at a church camp while still an early teenager. That encounter changed him and shaped his perspectives. He believes his experience in the government sector as a teacher and thereafter, in both the corporate sector and later as a business owner, were God-ordained to equip him to engage and work with different people in his current role as shepherd and senior pastor of the church. As senior pastor, it is his hope that HighPointe Life pursues becoming a missional church, touching and transforming whole communities beyond church walls and national borders. He also strives to ensure momentum and continuity by looking to raise another generation of capable and better leaders.

Flora grew up in a Christian home but only committed her life to Jesus when she was fourteen. She attributes her spiritual growth to the Bible studies she did during her Girls' Brigade days while growing up in Malacca and completing Emmaus Bible courses. These helped shape her spiritual formative years. At HighPointe LIFE, Flora has headed the Children's Ministry for many years and is also involved with our ministry amongst the Myanmarese community. She is so thankful that this community has found a home away from home at HighPointe Life. Flora is also involved in ministering to pre-marriage couples with Stephen and they mentor young couples.


Stephen and Flora have been happily married for over 33 years and they have two amazing children, Joel and Rebekah who both serve alongside them in ministry. Stephen loves travelling, something he has been passionate about since he was about eight! Music is also a great love of his. Flora, a retired teacher with a mission school, loves gardening and cooking. Her family's love for good food inspires her to experiment and try new dishes.

Questions for the Mohans:

  1. What is the most mischievous thing you've ever done?
    Stephen: Too many to choose as I was a bit of a rascal! But perhaps the one story I tell most often was the time when I was in Form 2 and had a football match at 10am, which my mother didn't consent to because I would be perspiring by the time school started. My desperation to play, drove me to an ingenious plan: I resorted to pushing back the hands of all the clocks in our house 15 minutes at a time every couple of hours! By the time matchday arrived, I was ready to go to school at the “usual” 12pm, though in reality, it was only about 10am! I had a most enjoyable football match, made sweeter by the elated sense of having hoodwinked my mum! When I returned home after school that evening, I was met by an extremely grim-looking parent! My mother, a teacher herself, had also dressed up and gone to school in the afternoon, only to discover to her chagrin that she was in time for the morning session’s recess!!
    Flora: Pulling off a surprise birthday party for my husband's 50th, with him not having a clue - just 9 months after he threw one for me!

  2. What was your favourite childhood show?
    Stephen: Definitely it was the inimitable “The Carol Burnett Show”. It was uproariously funny!
    Flora: Little House on the Prairie!

  3. What is a worship song lyrics that encourages and inspires you?
    Stephen: “Love On The Line” (by Hillsong) is one. That first line gets me every time: “You put Your love on the line”. To think that when Jesus went to the cross, He put His love on the line... for ME. Wow!
    Flora: "Goodness of God" is one of my recent favourites!

  4. Name a book from the Bible that has changed your life.
    Stephen: Apart from the gospels, I simply love the book of Joshua. From being wanderers in the wilderness to stepping into their promised inheritance is a tale of our own Christian sojourn.
    Flora: I really like Philippians. It has really ministered to me at different points of my life.

  5. What is one specific dream you have for HighPointe LIFE?
    Stephen: The setting up of 'The Eagle’s Nest' (a complex that would house a two-pronged operative: a Community Hub and a Strategic International Mission Center.) Of course, the 'The Eagle’s Nest' would also house the church.
    Flora: That the church will reach people in the community and beyond and be relevant to their needs.
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